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Bindings are meant to work with your body, not against it, so feel your board underneath you like never before with the K2 Men's Lien FS Snowboard Binding. It features an array of new technology from K2 to make it the most natural flexing binding on the market. The Tripod baseplate features three power transmission pods on the bottom to create three contact points underfoot that correspond with your foot's natural pressure points. This results in more natural and efficient turns and a more mobile and comfortable feel. The Lien FS also features the new Zero Tweekback highback for a medium-soft, natural feeling flex. It's strategically cored out to flex with your boot so you can seriously tweak your grabs and slides. Plus, the Mega RADchet ratchets with Easy Feed Housing are equipped with oversized aluminum levers that are extremely durable and easy to use, even with your gloves on.

K2 Lien FS Men's Snowboard Binding

$269.95 Regular Price
$175.47Sale Price
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